Foreign exchange trading novice must know five points of knowledge

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Whatisforexrebate forexrebatenetwork bestforexrebate trad cashback forexg novice, the unpredictability of the foreign exchange market is the most worrying place, sometimes even a lot of senior speculation experts can What is forex rebate understand so to speculate in foreign exchange, you must always remember that the foreign exchange market risk may be a lot of hesitant speculation novice foreign exchange, has been psychologically and materially well prepared, but when they The actual market, they will find their own understanding of risk is too optimistic then as a novice foreign exchange speculator, the face of such a situation and how to do it? Lets take a look at the forex trading novice in the foreign exchange market must know the five elements of the first, to free money for investment, do not remember to use the necessary funds for foreign exchange traders, this is very important, because people speculate in foreign exchange is mainly to invest money, and not to gamble so we speculate in foreign exchange, must use their spare funds for foreign exchange trading use spare funds The benefits of funds are: 1, if there is a loss, not to affect their lives; 2, no capital pressure, to better analyze the judgment; 3, a more stable state of mind, not prone to error operations Second, make good use of stop-loss to reduce investment risk when foreign exchange investors in foreign exchange trading, should establish a tolerable loss range for themselves, so that the set stop-loss to effectively help The investor has a huge loss loss range according to the account capital situation, the best set in the account total 310%, when the amount of loss has reached your tolerance limit, do not look for excuses to try to throw in the towel, should immediately close the position third, to have absolute execution in foreign exchange trading is most afraid of the lack of sufficient execution so that investors can thoroughly implement their own trading strategies, do not find any excuses for themselves Do not find any excuse for yourself to overturn the original decision in you in the continuation of the idea, will not have the heart to end the loss continues to expand the position, and will only lose their minds waiting for the market to turn back Please remember a simple rule: do not let the risk exceed the original set tolerable range, once the loss has been to the original set limits, do not hesitate to close the position immediately Fourth, to be able to insist on the reasons for their failure to conclude each transaction and Find a solution or find the factors that determine the transaction each time so that when we encounter the same problem again, we will know how to trade the fifth, operate with the trend, do not go against the trend to remember the ancient rules of the market: loss parts, to terminate as soon as possible; profitable parts, can hold for as long as it takes to put another important code is not to let the loss occurred in the original profitable parts, the face of In the face of a sudden market reversal, instead of closing out positions that are not profitable, do not let positions that were profitable become loss-making.

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