Foreign exchange trading novice investment strategy

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as a ve Whatisforexrebatey ord cashback forexary people, in foreign exchange trading experienced painful burst forexrebatenetwork choose the wrong platform, the loss of these funds What is forex rebate secondary, but the blow of failure is heavy, burst the mood is depressed and gripping, irritable and loss of fighting spirit! The following foreign exchange alliance to everyones insights, perceptions and do single skills, I hope to be able to later comprehend, some reference, some enlightenment! Especially for newbies!   I am a stock short term trader, but also a warrants intraday short term trader, to Hong Kong turbo very understanding and personal experience, in which a lot of profits so named futures turbo I have a very good ability to see the plate and more than ordinary peoples sense of the plate   my first foreign exchange account capital had a big ups and downs, from 500 to 3000, back down to 300, and then to 2000, the highest To more than 3400, the lowest fell to 246, the first position persisted for 3 months finally exploded! This 500 U.S. dollars persisted for many years what indicators I have tried can be said that I have a very good study of the K-line chart, can be called a K-line experts, because I graduated from college after 16 years of research! However, the market never buy my account, the market always according to the markets own rules to go on, to understand this market, in addition to purely theoretical things is bestforexrebate enough! Finally one day, I read a book written by a foreigner <<Overcoming Human Greed and Fear>>, finally let me really know this irrational market, but also at the same time to know themselves at the same time, I have been confused: why when the market how to see it is going up, it fell! Down you are not negotiable, down you think all the support line, down your family broken! Im beginning to understand why people who fail at futures jump! Why so many investment failures face defeat over and over again, how many masters have also lost bloody? The wreckage is unbearable! As in the forest, the mouse fights with the mouse and is finally defeated by the cat, the cat fights with the cat and is finally defeated by the dog, the dog and the dog victor is taken out by the wolf, the wolf is taken out by the hunter! The hunter is punished by the law of the land which protects the second class national protected animals! What does the law of the land, international law, do in front of the mighty Americans?! He likewise attacked your embassies with missiles, provoked your borders with fighter jets, shocked your sea borders with aircraft carriers but the Americans likewise fell in the 9.11 terrorist attacks, fell in their own financial crisis the worlds great majors likewise cannot last forever!   I said so a long list of analogies and examples is to illustrate a problem: the market is being led by the main force! When you understand this, dont think that the main force of the market can dominate everything! The concept of mastery is broad! It is borderless! It has no borders! Just as man cannot overcome the irresistible forces of nature! Just as the Chinese could not avoid the Wenchuan earthquake! Just as the earth cannot resist the gravitational pull of the sun and will be destroyed in 10 billion light years! So what is the final weight and fighting wisdom to overcome the main force? Only in an extremely painful environment, people will suddenly realize that many of the problems that they have not figured out in the past. It is yourself! Only obey the discipline, respect the market, respect the trend; no grasp, lay down; see the opportunity, decisive out of the machine! Move like a dragon, quiet as a turtle! But to do this is difficult very difficult, but Im still trying to do it!   The words of those who came, must listen! The words of the winner, you have to listen not to study what indicators, what indicators are not, I have studied them all, if you are smarter than me, there is no need to say that only one indicator is the almighty, that is the moving average! The second is MACD and KDJ (only for reference to assist in verifying the average with) this is why I use the Gu Bi line you have to go to study other indicators, the study also spent time in vain! Just take my old road of course, do not go through the storm, how to see the rainbow! You do not personally study research naturally will not believe that people always have to personally experience to understand as forty not or the same hope you are lucky!   For amateurs, the foreign exchange market is only a tool for us to preserve value and win, and to be light and happy, is the best result So what makes us easy to speculate in foreign exchange, happy to make money? Is accurate analysis? We can not do, and no one does; is a strict method of operation? The answer is: your personality, if you can make your speculative foreign exchange method to comply with your personality, so that your mind to maintain a relaxed and stable, you must be able to well implement the established method you will certainly achieve easy speculative foreign exchange, happy money wishes so, everything is your personality, your heart to find a suitable method of operation for your personality is the most important  both so And how do we do it?   In the foreign exchange market, we often fall into confusion, right is not always right, wrong is not always wrong, which is correct? So we began to analyze, technical analysis or basic analysis or, believe that these things as long as you can pay some time to study, will be rewarded, however, after learning these still face the problem of loss, it seems that the analysis method to the market are ineffective  So, we often go to see other peoples foreign exchange reviews and operating methods, but, other peoples things are other peoples, other people and then good things If you do not need the most as meaningless, and then insignificant things for people in urgent need is the most precious,  diamonds and water for a desert people we all know what is the most important So, look, learn from others, or loss  In fact, the successful people are only grasp their own personality and will be the best play, this performance The method may only be suitable for the performance of their own set on you, may not be suitable  Therefore, at any time we look for the goal is to try to fit their own principles, our subconscious is also this way to guide us However, things often change, we no longer seem to know what is suitable for their own, the face of the market every day temptation, few people can stay awake, chasing every penny of profit has become The most important goal after opening your eyes every morning is to maximize the so-called capital profits to become the driving force and excuse for continuous trading in the eyes of the vast majority of people, every day is full of opportunities to make money, but since the beginning few people have asked themselves, although the market every day there are opportunities, but how many really belong to them? The answer is simple, there are not many opportunities that really belong to their own opportunities are often the most consistent with their own personalities successful people know that, although in the trading career trading varieties are not a lot, but the real money is not a few  If you can carefully summarize, Im afraid that examples of successful trading often have a striking similarity This is the point we want to make, the market In the market for trading varieties and opportunities are many, and people have their own personalities, we are looking for is to find the varieties and opportunities to trade with their own personalities, and can use the most consistent with their own personalities, with these conditions of the varieties and the appropriate time is the opportunity to belong to our own so that the market although there are opportunities every day, but not many belong to our own, but there must be The market is not only a good place for you, but also a good place for you to make money. If you dont have a personality, go with the flow or you dont know yourself, want to eat all the words, then often the result is the same as most people, a lot of losses  to have something to do, something not to do, trading is actually trading your own personality, your personality to the fullest play, if you want to try what kind of species, all the opportunities want to catch a catch, you will eventually lose their own personality, will also lose your trading, lose money, lose happiness The mountain is easy to change, nature is hard to change maybe you can change your personality to adapt to the trading varieties, but the hope of success is minimal, you may only be able to change a little, but you will pay a big price maybe you can go to change the trading varieties to adapt to your personality, unless you do it the dealer, do not think about it to find a way to suit yourself may be difficult, but find it once and for all  boils down to One point is that it depends on your own personality forex alliance has more novice investment strategy, want to know more, then come to the forex alliance it, forex trading skills waiting for you!