Foreign exchange trading novice five small requirements

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bestforexrebate forexrebatenetwork trad What Whatisforexrebate forex rebateg novice five small requirements, as just entered the threshold of foreign exchange trading novice, the most taboo is blind impulsiveness, self-righteousness and follow the wind operation which is a common mistake of novices then speculation in foreign exchange novice how to do to quit arrogance and step by step? This will require new friends in a long period of practice slowly feel in order to find their own way below ECNTRADE professional foreign exchange analysts for you to summarize the five points, I hope to help you quickly find their own operating skills, the farther you go in the foreign exchange market first, with the trend cashback forex against the trend in foreign exchange trading must follow the trend, you have to remember that the trend is your best friend so in foreign exchange trading The foreign exchange market is a large financial market, the daily trading volume reached 3.2 trillion foreign exchange trend once formed, the short term is unable to shift so as long as we operate with the trend themselves, but not too greedy, you can get a certain income foreign exchange market is not like the stock market, easy to grab the rebound, so they must control the second, light position not heavy position almost into Foreign exchange market speculation in the existence of the dream of overnight riches, and in fact the accumulation of wealth is little by little in our operating experience is not familiar with the time, heavy operation is tantamount to looking for death using a light position is to prevent errors in judgment caused by large losses and can not turn around or excessive blow personal mentality caused by reckless orders for newcomers, the first thing to consider in foreign exchange trading is that we change How to survive, rather than how to get rich overnight third, caution do not greed in foreign exchange trading, greed and regret accompanied by people at all times perhaps many people understand greed is to have a win after the bag for peace in fact, otherwise, if you can understand the potential transformation process, you will not be eager to close positions in foreign exchange real profit is: countless small losses for a big victory, rather than countless small victories for a fatal The fourth, confident not to follow the wind in foreign exchange operations is the most important thing is confidence, confidence is from your own foreign exchange knowledge and technical analysis of their own affirmation only the two pieces of learning, you will have confidence in their own foreign exchange operations judgment but excessive confidence and easy to become self-righteous, do not listen to the advice of others and those who are not very confident in their own tend to be too much to believe in the words of experts, no Their own judgment, will only follow the flow of the wind operation fifth, the mindset to be stable for newcomers, the stability of the mindset is very important we know that at the beginning of the operation, newcomers are easy to make mistakes, causing a certain degree of loss to themselves if your mindset is not good, or not at all considered such a situation, then you will certainly not be able to stand such a blow, you may easily give up forex trading for Newcomers, the first thing to do is to take stock from the heart, at first the worst result is to lose all, the best result is certainly to get a small gain as long as we take all the circumstances into account, we can let their hearts sink the above summary of the five points, I hope to give fried foreign exchange friends a suggestion in the process of speculation in foreign exchange to always remember these, you will go very far in the foreign exchange industry

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