Foreign exchange trading experience to share (next) - combined with examples to talk about my trading ideas

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th forexrebatenetworkk about the problem, do things, to be able to seize the key points, to be good at grasping the core of the phrase I believe we cashback forex not unfamiliar with doing transactions, we should also have such a guiding idea first, we trade a prerequ What is forex rebateite is the market Whatisforexrebate, not to mention what consolidation, consolidation in the small time period is not the trend of it Broadly speaking, currency pairs are in the large cycle of consolidation we use the method of leverage to amplify it, making the original small fluctuations become huge, thus "creating" a micro trend to attract traders Secondly, the important thing is that our trading object is the price, the price fluctuations is the trend, the trend is a section of the same trend these issues After clarification, the first thing we have to look at when analyzing is the price graph, including k-line charts, line charts, dotted line charts, etc., are a description of price movement Of course, you can also look directly at the quote, but for most people, the graph (image type) will help their brains to form a more intuitive impression, thus facilitating thinking bestforexrebate memory That is, we should first look at the graph (below I use k This means that we should look at the graphs first (I use the k-chart below to represent), which is a kind of "core problem" a. Understand the core problem first, and then study the indicators Why should we look at the "core problem" first? For example, when you were a student, you fell in love with a MM in the same school you want to express your love to her, you are looking for someone to pass him a note, or go directly to her face to face confession? Pass a note, that well, the person responsible for giving you a message, what if he cheated you? He did not help you pass the message, and finally they two good, how to do? Someone then said, "What are you talking about? What is the connection with this deal? Its really relevant, you find someone to give you the message, this is the tool you use (find someone to pass on the message) to achieve the goal (expression of love), Im here to say is that your tool may cheat you, especially when you are not familiar with the tool and the girl hooked up, this is the core problem this and traders in the newbie obsessed with indicators myth, not the same as the indicators, just the tools you use to explain the market trend, price movement (k line chart) is the core! is the core! You do not look at the core issues, instead of trusting the tools, in the market, you do not fall for who fell for ah on the contrary, after you hook up with the girl, you can use the tools (find someone to pass the word called out to dinner ah) for better communication in sales training, will talk about this truth (again, I made it up), you want to sell something to who you have to talk to first, in order to understand his true needs (intentions), rather than First find his aunts and uncles, useless, the information you get may be wrong vulgar example, simple truth, but we are often obsessed with so, in trading analysis, you must have the ability to understand the "core issues" before talking about the use of indicators simply put, you must have the ability to read the bare K But we are in the market, generally do the opposite of the forex academy article said: "the real masters do not look at any indicators", congratulations, from the core of another step forward, success can be expected here and a sufficient condition for the relationship between the masters do not look at the indicators, because they go beyond the indicators, directly see Core, does not mean that do not look at the indicators also become a master, do not look at the indicators that you start to focus on the core issues, which is the key to success, does not mean that the indicators removed you become a Buddha, or to study the core of the market first look at the indicators, after looking at the trend, just as you look at the painted (or plastic surgery) beauty you can see the beauty of the ugly? No one asked you to have to add indicators, why do you need to find yourself confused? Therefore, the core of trading analysis is to study the core of our trading object - the trend (k line chart) (In addition, I have previously said that the closing price occupies a greater proportion, so there are many traders, in order to lift the burr of confusion, choose the folding line chart to do so can further enable you to contact the core, in the words of the god of stalking, you put the market (Plucked only the underwear, almost understand the structure) Some people talk about trading is divided into three stages: see the mountain is a mountain, see the mountain is not a mountain, see the mountain or mountain I want to say is that he missed one, Level0, can not see the mountain and this happens to be the stage of most novice traders, can not see the core, only see the hazy outline you ask, how to study? The answer is simple, start with the basics Why? The core is not necessarily the basic content, but the basic content must be the core What is the basic content? Define trend is defined as rising highs and lows (start here with uptrends only as an example) So, when can we define the trend? At least 4 points rising two highs and rising two lows this is the simplest and most basic thing, but also the core of the analysis of the transaction and these indicate the trend is established point, is not the Gann theory mentioned in the previous top or bottom it if the uptrend in the most recent retracement of the low is closed broken (note that is closed broken not pierced broken after the upside), proving that the uptrend stagnation (stagnation can be restarted at any time after) Only if the starting point of the trend is broken (of course, there are more optimal methods), it is called a reversal of the trend (here is a simple explanation, for example, the breakout of the consolidation range, in the previous decline, the last upward retracement of the high point was broken by the rise, representing the market may start to move up, with the uptrend retracement of the low point higher than the previous decline in the last retracement of the high point (note that here is only This example), the uptrend into (of course, even the previous fall retracement of the high point did not fall below, of course, is higher than the starting point of the uptrend and then note that also consider the level of this uptrend, which back to influence it may reverse which section of the trend) and then the trend broke through the upper limit of consolidation, which is not to say that the previous downtrend was reversed it we are in the analysis of the problem is only faced with such a problem and this problem in Different time periods and different levels under the cycle, it constitutes our overall trading layout (may be the above content for most people difficult to understand, forgive me for my clumsy language, I hope that in future time have the opportunity to explain to you in detail examples of the above cited consolidation breakthrough example, you can feel free to find a consolidation breakthrough example, marked on behalf of the downward and upward trend of several key points, to study this Within the article, I just told you a problem, that is, the study of the core issues, give up those factors that bring you trouble (such as indicators, burrs, etc.) Only after you understand the core, you can talk about I began to use indicators to optimize my trading careful not yet confused by me people may notice that I mentioned the trend in the first place, no further explanation here, because the trend is the core of our trading layout, our trading is just to identify a trend, enter the transaction, identify the beginning of another trend (the end of the original trend), exit the transaction, as simple as that (without taking into account the implementation and psychological factors) simplified as, identify the trend II, signal trading and trend trading I presume to traders to carry out the trading behavior is divided into two categories one is signal trading, that is, to signal to guide the transaction, the emergence of A specific signal to trade in a specific direction A kind of trading trend, the purpose of entering into the transaction is to expect the market to appear a period of trend First of all, signal trading, this kind of trader selects a certain indicator signal as a guide for trading (please note that the signal and indicator signal are two concepts), and at the same time the trading signal (market high and low conversion here is also classified by me as one of the signals) to carry out a series of optimization, in an attempt to The reason why there are so many believers in this philosophy is that, first of all, the signals are concise, even if you have 10,000 different technical indicators from the classic MACD, KDJ, BOLLINGER to the newly emerged AROON, wrap theory and so on in recent years, while you further adopt the principle of multi-level resonance, you will always end up with just one signal. The last thing you face is always just a question of whether the signal appears Secondly, some people say that the market is unpredictable (does not mean that there is no repeated behavior in the market appears), I agree, then we are facing the unknowable market is like we are in the ocean, the hand only see a piece of broken wood (this is the indicator signal), we have little choice, the first thing that comes into view is a variety of signals So when choosing signals, how do we choose the signals with high success rate? I have said to find the core therefore, all the signals given by the indicators have a lower priority, because it is already distilled from the essence of the market (i.e., the core) and a compiled product is like playing to find the game, you wear a pair of sunglasses, such a signal, its success rate need not be repeated it So, we are looking for signals, or to return to what I have said before and said again at great length --the core of the market, that is, the definition of what is the core? How to find the definition of the impact of the market? Simple, open the line chart, all uptrend turn trend is the emergence of a lower high (here is the nonsense decided by the definition, but it is often decisive and easy to ignore) of course, not every time a lower high to turn the trend (and this is the result we hope, that is, the emergence of a certain signal on a particular trend in fact, this kind of thing is impossible to appear, which is why we The reason it is impossible to find the Holy Grail is that we can only get infinitely close (by means of high probability signals)) to the signals given by these high and low point transitions (which is what is defined) are the high priority, clear and more reliable trading signals therefore, after you have seen these signals (high priority), you can then use your indicator signals (low priority) to lay out the trade (here I am only referring to the same time period, the (Here I only refer to the same time cycle, the impact of different time cycle signals later) If you no longer look at the indicator signals, then you are bare K traders trading trends, here it goes without saying, you can look at the most famous Turtle trading school their philosophy, trading principles, trading planning and process, are clear at a glance in fact, the two schools are connected and complement each other trading signals to see the market exists at the moment In fact, these two schools of thought are related and complementary. The signal trader also looks at the trend that exists in the market at the moment and gives the highest priority to the trading signals that are defined (choosing different signals at different stages of the trend) (in fact, the market trend and possible trends are given by the signals of high and low point transitions). Therefore, I have divided the signals into two categories, trend continuation signals and trend change signals. Since they are signals, they must comply with what I said above, the signals given by definition have a higher priority (stronger), that is, the stronger trend continuation signals are the breakout highs (just to rise, for example), and the stronger change signals are the new lows. has also mentioned the relationship between yin and yang, here I am talking about two types of signals are also the same one type of trend continuation signal (uptrend breakout high, uptrend restart, drive wave) is another type of turn signal (downtrend is reversed, retracement wave ends), which is not the yin end of yang it these signals given by definition is decisive, but they often appear too late, at the end we can judge, then how to advance predict the possible appearance of these signals? This is where those indicator signals come in handy (of course, the use of these indicators is not necessary, only follow the definition of the signal can make you profitable) Now for a small summary, several of my articles are continuous, there are priorities first, the first one in which I said the overall trading principle is to trade the market you are sure to trade with the trend, if the counter-trend how it? Adjust the time level, turn it into a homeopathic (smaller time level) The second article says the more reliable trend direction tendency given by the bright light indicators, while learning to dialectical look at the problem in fact, our trading is to trade probability, then the dialectical is to consider both sides of the success ratio has been the more sensitive indicators false signals, the simpler things are more difficult to do, these are dialectical The third article gives you a rip on the trading The focus of the analysis, to analyze those things that the market can not change, the core of the market do not mess with flowers will want to charm the eye, but should be directly faced with the essence of the simplest above and give you ripped to do with the signal as a guide to the trend of trading, to do with the trend to guide the choice of signal three, combined with examples to talk about my trading ideas forex academy tips: the rest of the article need to log in to continue reading Oh! 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