Foreign exchange OTC and OTC trading

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forexrebatenetwork What is forex rebate spot margin bestforexrebate, foreign exchange spot trading belongs to OTC trading, while foreign exchange futures, foreign exchange options belong to OTC trading, ETF can be traded both in the OTC Whatisforexrebate OTC trading So what is OTC trading, what is OTC trading, the difference between the foreign exchange cashback forex and foreign exchange? We talk about this topic today [OTC trading], also known as exchange trading, refers to all the supply and demand side of the exchange for bidding transactions in this trading method has the exchange to trade participants to collect margin, while responsible for the liquidation and performance guarantee liability characteristics In addition, because each investor has different needs, the exchange designed in advance a standardized financial contract, by the investor Select the contract and quantity closest to their own needs to exchange some traders are concentrated in one place for trading, which increases the density of trading, which generally can form a more liquid market futures trading and part of the standardized options contract trading belong to this type of trading foreign exchange futures foreign exchange futures by the Chicago Mercantile Futures Exchange (CME) first, given that futures contracts are standardized, and to Given that futures contracts are standardized and traded in a centralized manner, the futures market is very transparent and tightly regulated which means that price and trading information is readily available Forex options are also financial instruments that give the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an asset at a specific price on the option expiration date If a trader sells an option, then he or she will have to buy or sell an asset on the option expiration date Options are also traded over-the-counter, such as on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the International Securities Exchange, or the Philadelphia Stock Exchange [Over-the-Counter] Over-the-counter trading is a general term for all kinds of trading activities that take place outside of an exchange, called "store trading" or "over-the-counter trading" This organization does not have a fixed opening and closing time, no specific trading venues, the two sides do not have to face to face trading, only by telex, telegram, telephone and other communication equipment to contact and contact each other, negotiation to reach a deal foreign exchange industry over-the-counter transactions are mainly foreign exchange spot trading and foreign exchange spot margin trading [foreign exchange market and foreign exchange] first of all, we must make it clear that in the spot foreign exchange trading and foreign exchange spot margin Trading is no unified foreign exchange may be asked, since there is no foreign exchange, why there will be foreign exchange market, foreign exchange trading time like London foreign exchange market, New York foreign exchange market, Tokyo foreign exchange market, Singapore foreign exchange market, etc. ... And in fact most of the foreign exchange market is a typical invisible market, no fixed trading places, just by telephone, telex, telegraph to complete foreign exchange transactions such as in the London foreign exchange market, approved foreign exchange brokers, including clearing banks, commercial banks, foreign banks in London branches and other financial institutions, there is a very complete telecommunications network equipment, special intercom telephone, sensitive Electronic devices, quickly and flexibly deal with a variety of spot and forward foreign exchange trading business here to add is that some markets are in addition to the invisible market also exists in the tangible market, like the Paris foreign exchange market by the tangible market and the invisible market of two parts then settlement how to settle? For example, in the New York foreign exchange market, foreign exchange transactions through modern communication networks and electronic computers, its currency settlement can be carried out through the New York regional interbank clearing system and the Federal Reserve Bank payment system Lets say that we use Taobao shopping, first of all, Taobao is certainly not an exchange, even if the same goods, but also at a certain time, there is a unified price, we need to keep going to the inquiry The exchange-traded fund ETFs may contain a range of securities as well as certain currencies, which helps traders to diversify their Asset ETFs are established by financial institutions and can be traded freely like securities ETFs also provide investors with two different trading methods: on the one hand, investors can trade ETFs in the primary market, i.e., subscription and redemption; on the other hand, investors can trade ETFs in the secondary market, i.e., they are listed on the exchange

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