Foreign exchange market in the long medium and short term how to trade

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long Whatisforexrebate: months long I once held the pound for 13 months, 13% profit, can forexrebatenetwork called ultra-long term on the currency market no time to pay attention to people, as long as the right price to buy, even if noth cashback forexg can make money (tell you a secret: away from the currency market news, which day the CCTV news broadcast said: a currency hit X years the lowest point, a countrys finance min What is forex rebateter has gone to the United States to discuss Exchange rate problems, you will be decisive to buy, bestforexrebate then hold the minions, until you listen to the news broadcast said: the currency hit X years of the highest point, the countrys finance minister has gone to the United States to discuss the exchange rate problems, you will sell! To ensure that you are full of return (but this opportunity is not much, the experts will laugh at this practice) does not require any knowledge of speculation, do not need to read the K-line chart when China just carry out individual foreign exchange trading when I did so then the spread was as high as 200 points, the short term simply can not operate but this is not called speculation, should be called copy foreign exchange) medium-term: tens of days some band time will be longer, more than 20 days medium-term operation is speculation Newcomers more ideal mode of operation eight-way class hosted by the medium-term training class can help you learn the actual operation, the goal is 200 ~ 500 points above the short term: tens of hours or less, fighting the daily exchange rate changes in the spread sometimes a few hours or even a few minutes (ultra-short term) can be very profitable, is really the game of the masters of the heartbeat about the long term, medium-term and short term is to have different thinking about the operation, should be strictly Distinguish between the long term thinking is to focus on the trend, generally use the monthly, weekly and daily chart as a tool for analysis, let the wind and waves, not for the daily narrow fluctuations shaken by the short term operation is to use the daily, hourly or even more finely distinguished line chart, the precise calculation ability of the hand, mental capacity, judgment and reaction speed are very high requirements need to strictly follow the daily plan for operation, to seize The fleeting peaks and valleys, fast in and out, and never a soft hand to fight the rebound, grab the news, chasing the rise and fall, even in the downtrend, but also profitable short term thinking stop loss (suspension of losses) concept is very necessary, the gambling component is greater For example: in 120-120.20 position to buy the yen, the target to see 119.5 (the first target of 50 points) 119.0 (the second target of 100 points). At the same time, the stop loss will be placed at 120.55 position so that if the target can be reached 50 to 100 points of profit, if the fall below the stop-loss level, then admit to lose 40 points out of the game, and come back tomorrow in general, the masters win more (the bank also welcomes you to do so), the so-called opportunity every day to add a little, the purpose of the stop loss is to buy back in a better position to increase the amount of the currency holdings, must remember to buy back, otherwise it is really a loss The money used for short term should be operated in strict accordance with the short term thinking, in the rising trend is not a big problem, because tomorrow there are shipping opportunities, if in the downtrend can not be timely withdrawal can be tragic, to borrow a phrase - speculation into shareholders 

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