Foreign exchange market entry timing

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bestforexrebate not every day there are opportunities to make money, the market has a clear and unclear po forexrebatenetworkts, the operation Whatisforexrebate do and can not do the difference only when the cashback forex has a clear trend can be action, do not force the market when it What is forex rebate unclear from a general point of view, the market operation is best to operate with the time is better, that is, in the rising trend in the low buy, and then the falling trend in the high throw if you want to do a reversal of potential That must be the original trend from the form, proportion and cycle of three aspects, while reaching a key reversal point, and set a good stop loss as the premise of the case, before you can enter the market operation specific implementation to the actual operation, what is low, what is high which involves the use of specific technical analysis, summarized in the following ways: 1, see the position to do a single, quite a stop loss in the rising trend, waiting for prices to retrace to an important support level to buy, effective break stop loss after the short term can be closed in the ascending channel of the upper rail (but never open another position to do the reverse single); in the downtrend wait for the price to rebound to an important pressure level on the short throw, effective break stop loss the same, in the descending channel of the lower gauge to close positions (also never open another position to grab the rebound) 2, break level to do a single when the price rises through an important pressure level homeopathic buying, the Stop loss when the price falls below an important support level when the homeopathic throw short, back to the broken level stop loss 3, important reversal point can do counter-market single in the large wave pattern, proportion, cycle while running to a certain reversal point, can do counter-market single, and must be a light position, stop loss can be enlarged some, but not without stop loss above several practices no matter which one you take, you need to wait patiently for the arrival of that best entry point. If the timing is not good, often look at the right trend but lost money because the market price fluctuations are not a straight line, any trend is running out in the oscillation, did not choose a good time to enter the market will make you suffer from the oscillation of the market good start is half of the success, good timing is sometimes looking out, but more is patience out, speculative market to be tolerant of loneliness

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