Foreign exchange margin related knowledge point explanation

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In a variety of bestforexrebatevestment projects, the most fair and most attractive people can be regarded as forexrebatenetwork What cashback forex forex rebate Whatisforexrebate trading foreign exchange margin trading is investors to banks or brokers to provide the trust for foreign exchange trading banks or brokers can generally provide more than 90% of the trust, in other words, investors as long as they hold about 10% of the funds (margin) can be foreign exchange trading foreign exchange margin Is the global scope belongs to the personal finance management products in the top products, because the domestic has not yet established a perfect standardized system, from June 07 the domestic industry and commerce, peoples livelihood, the construction of three banks had a trial run business, but have been temporarily called off in June this year foreign exchange margin is one of the financial derivatives it is a certain percentage of its funds in the foreign exchange market to buy and sell a variety of currencies, the exchange rate fluctuations The financial derivatives, also known as leveraged foreign exchange margin foreign exchange arose in the 1970s speculation how to make money experts free guidance bank gold and silver TD opening guide bank gold and silver simulation trading software set gold number desktop line price tool in order to prevent losses in the transaction and can not be settled, it is a certain percentage of funds to do for the margin general The initial margin rate is 5%-10% of the current price of the exchange rate because the margin rate is very low, so there is a high degree of leverage, so foreign exchange margin is the most attractive derivatives in financial products a successful transaction will allow investors to get a good return in a relatively short period of time at the same time if the operation is not appropriate will also lead to huge losses Foreign exchange margin has the characteristics of futures, also known as currency futures is To foreign exchange as the basis of the futures contract, is the first financial futures varieties mainly for hedging foreign exchange risk, that is, the exchange rate risk foreign exchange margin trading since 1972 in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) belongs to the International Monetary Market (IMM) was first launched after the rapid development of listed varieties are: pound against the dollar, the euro against the dollar, the Australian dollar against the dollar and the dollar against the yen, the dollar against the Swiss franc and so on. U.S. dollar against the Swiss franc and other major five varieties; other cross-currency plate: the euro against the yen, the euro against the pound, the euro against the Swiss franc and so on The operation of foreign exchange margin is the investor will deposit a certain amount of funds into the trading account, as a margin for foreign exchange transactions, agreed by the dealer, granting the customer a number of credit multiples, so that it can operate the equivalent of several times the amount of funds deposited in the transaction so that it can be used with a smaller amount of money in the foreign exchange market. Another most attractive feature of foreign exchange margin investment is that it can be operated in both directions, you can buy to profit when the currency rises (do long), you can also sell to profit when the currency falls (do short), so that you do not have to be subject to the so-called bear market can not make money in the limit

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