Foreign exchange investment to earn profit ideas

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First of all, I ask you some questions, if you really want to Whatisforexrebate a good job in foreign exchange you must give yourself a serious answer rather than give me an answer, because I will bestforexrebate give you the answer, the answer What is forex rebate to go through your own serious search forexrebatenetwork experience will allow you to master some skills first 1: foreign exchange is how the market (its nature), in cashback forex market will appear how a situation 2: Why will appear up and down, what is the key to their formation! 3: What is the weakness of human nature, have you overcome! On these three questions, if you can get a positive answer in these three questions, then congratulations, you are not far from success! Please do not look at these three questions, it contains the basic theory, technical theory, the focus of the psychology of investment! Before getting the real answer, it is after a long time of experience and perception! Maybe these above people do not listen to, do not think things, then the following to say something substantial, that is, we love to hear! Do good foreign exchange necessary conditions: 1: a wide range of basic knowledge theory this we can accumulate from a variety of different books to, accumulation is only the basis, the important thing is how to use and create their own set of analysis theory this point requires a lot of time investment 2: perfect trading system it includes: important technical support, complete open and close positions hand rule; scientific capital management these three points first, the technical support, talking about the system cited by the system. Technical support, speaking of the system referenced indicators with the original template that is the entire system second point is for the characteristics of this original and write the entry and exit criteria! The third point of money management is to let you learn how to lose more win less (times), lose less win more (profit), and ultimately achieve a profitable focus 〉 it is mainly used is the coordination of statistics which is the most important point of the three points 3: good and positive mindset This is the most difficult hurdle for everyone, the nature of the mountain is easy to change, but you want to do well in foreign exchange must make changes in this area, change all your behavioral habits The first thing you need to do is to re-practice your subconscious habits and make money a habit! Well, these three key points can only be said here, because it is a process that must be experienced by everyone personally, which is why it is so difficult to become a good trader and why everyone is still losing money! I can only point out a way to everyone! Here are a few more useful advice: 1: trading itself is a process from simple to complex and then return to simple (the road to growth) 2: do not deliberately pursue a high win rate system or overly complex indicators more experience time 3: expand their knowledge theory, do not seek to become too eager! 4: do not let losses increase, and do not let profits escape! Accept the error of being prepared to close positions or reduce positions at any time 6: learn to lose, only learn to lose you can survive in this market, because this is a game of losers 7: after the market proves you right, do not listen to the wrong human judgment and miss an opportunity to get big profits!

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