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If you ve ever wondered when is the best time to trade Forex in London, Exness is the answer. Exness offers several account types, and all of them differ in nature and commissions. However, the basic features of each account are similar, such as the ability to double your investment. In addition, there is a calculator available on the website that will help you calculate your margin requirements based on your account equity.

Trading volumes are typically higher during the overlap between the sessions. This overlap is typically between 8 am GMT roughly 8 am EST and 5 pm GMT 12 pm EST. During these times, currency pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD are the most actively traded. Because of this, the overlaps are an indication of significant liquidity in the market. The best time to trade Forex in London is between 8am GMT and 5pm GMT.

The London session is also more active than the New York session. Because many international banks are located in London, this session overlaps the New York session for several hours each day. This increases the liquidity of currencies and lowers transaction costs. This overlap is particularly beneficial for scalpers. The volume of trades during this period tends to be higher, and the volatility is also the highest. There is little risk of losing money during this period.

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