Foreign exchange encyclopedia the origin of the foreign exchange market

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a. The orig Whatisforexrebate of the foreign cashback forex forexrebatenetwork The foreign exchange market What is forex rebate an emerging market 200 years ago the British Empire set a goldst bestforexrebateard gold standard to determine the status of the British pound and the British Empire in the international financial communitys big brother wind and water turn, to 1945 AD, the British Empire and the British pound fell, the U.S. empire dominated the world when one to the British keynes and the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury to a The ghost idea is that the U.S. dollar-based goldstandard each countrys currency has to follow the U.S. dollar fixed in gold so as to stabilize the post-war world economy and the U.S. hegemony of the wind and water turn, to 1971, the U.S. empire in Vietnam spending collapsed the financial system, the various lords no longer believe in the U.S. empire hegemony of the gold standard Nixon decided to demolish the gold standard that is, the dollar The glorious history of the U.S. dollar ends here, the lords of the world are on their own that is, the morning of 1971815 A.D. This is what we now know as the birth of the foreign exchange market several large countries foreign exchange free fluctuation, free trade that after the general trend is, the U.S. and British empires currency against the currencies of other countries plummeting trend of the occasional rebound can not change the trend of this feng shui reversal to, in 2001 came again In the meantime, the financial system of the U.S. empire is getting worse and worse as if it were the eve of the great deflation of the U.S. dollar in 1971 as if the occasional violent rebound could not change the general trend of the reversal of the feng shui everything has to wait until another vassal in the East challenges the dragon seat of the hegemony of the U.S. dollar, in the fixed foreign exchange market of another feng shui rotation Britain has long been eliminated now is only The foreign exchange markets second-tier actors Japan, China, the European Union, the United States four lords of the greatest influence can be said to be the first-tier actorsoption, options market, China is the big brother of this change amateur is not aware of thespot, the spot market is a four-way world and, commoditymarket, commodity market, China is the largest lord of the world commodity market prices around the United States also The influence of other countries is not mentioned than China The foreign exchange market is very large, the worlds largest market trading volume is 1 trillion 800 billion dollars a day market compared to it the worlds stock market like a small store on the side of the road usually, between banks 50 million dollars is the most a single, so if I buy 1 billion dollars, it will take time to do all the way down to London trading volume of more time, 1 100 million U.S. dollars around not 5-10 points of the price of the euro and the yen there are times, a billion dollars is just so so, the Japanese central bank sometimes have to spend 15 billion dollars a day to stabilize market conditions this is not a poor countrys stuff China, Japan, the EU, the United States can afford to play II. The characteristics of the major foreign exchange markets in various places Asian markets The foreign exchange market is operating 24 hours a day. But all banks are 9-5 on and off. Other times their area is equal to the closing state. After the market closed all banks only leave a few people to watch the market down. Not very useful. All banks are closed for major clients. Its like sleeping. They work before the market is open.  In general the foreign exchange market is open 24 hours except for Saturday and Sunday China and the Arab countries are additionally counted in this 24-hour operation of the market to understand the characteristics of several key markets to help the operation of the currency market from the Sydney market,, this market is very small participants are not many people most of the large currency market is still asleep, however, the characteristics of this market is that people who want to steal a step to give a The majority of the small size of the blockers appear in the Sydney market first to go a lot of examples of the problem is whether their views have been followed by the Asian market of the large investors in their approach to the Asian market from Tokyo to start the largest Asian market is Tokyo Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai to participate in the majority of large investors are not Japanese on the Chinese U.S. and the European Union is not a large proportion of the largest trading volume is after the start of the Tokyo market Within an hour after the city slowly down if, when the Tokyo market began to affirm the view of the Sydney steal, that Asian city side to the trend of the city is very likely to be very large otherwise, Sydney steal people to quickly position steal failure most of the yens big moves is within an hour after the start of the Tokyo market occurred after all the way to the London market Japanese national swarm of national character is very clearly expressed in the operation of the currency market If, after the Tokyo market opened within an hour, the yen, the yens X plate began to jump from one side to the other, it is best to follow them (Note: there are three kinds of stealth if I have information to know that a certain someone to buy 2 billion euros, I bought before he bought, and later seat his hitchhiker off another category, that is, before the data came out, after getting information, early deployment of another category, is to estimate the direction of the Asian market earlier) Deployment success rate in general, for example, I have information, X to buy 2 billion dollars / pounds today, the time is the beginning of the London market ... Then I buy in Tokyo first and wait for him to buy in London, the USD/GBP rose to close the position with profit... (What happens every day...)  The characteristics and role of the London market The London market is the worlds largest and most important foreign exchange market foreign exchange market day trading volume of more than 70% in the London market trading this huge volume of transactions to most of the large foreign exchange merchants in the London market appear to be a hundred opportunities most of the trends in the currency market the beginning and end are happening in the London market the most important time is the London market The first hour after the start of the day and Londonfixing is the time when you can see how the trend of the day is probably developing is CST16-17hours in the currency market is a very critical time of the day until the time of the London CLOSE.  The characteristics and role of New York City New York City is not very large, a little larger than Tokyo .... However, within an hour after the start of NYC, it is again full of articles .... First, the U.S. economic figures are this time out, affecting the short-term volatility of the currency market .... Second, most of the large options, OPTIONS, are ended at this time .... So the beginning of the NY market is also a very important moment .... The moment of the super bull and bear struggle in the currency market... Most of the data out of the currency traders are not trading before except for a few people who know the inside story... ... OPTIONMATURITY side of the attacker and defender of the fierce battle is to see whose strategy is high and silver bag big and luck only .... This is only the insiders to participate in the action related to the billions to tens of billions of dollars a day of trading .... But the impact on the short-term currency market is particularly large, around the price ... . ...the huge impact of OPTION is also a major reason why technical analysis has this touch more than the basic reason for error .... Compared to the London market each have a lot of advantages ....  Three. In the exchange market influence of several countries of the Treasury and the central bank U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Bank In the United States to develop dollar policy and management agencies is the U.S. federal governments Department of the Treasury, USTreasuryDepartment. all dollar and foreign exchange issues are within the scope of its management if you want to intervene in the foreign exchange market is what they decided since The weakness of the dollar since 2001 is also very much related to their propaganda, so the U.S. Treasury Departments every move is one of the departments of great concern to the foreign exchange market The current policy is to use the weak dollar to solve their growing trade deficit and fiscal deficit problems and labor market problems The FederalReserve,FED, It is the central bank of the United States, which has not existed for a hundred years. It is the department responsible for issuing dollar bills and interest rate policy and other financial policies, and the policies of the Federal Bank will be related to the problems of the entire U.S. and international economic system and the value of the dollar, especially the movement of their money supply and interest rates is the problem that affects the price of the dollar in the foreign exchange market. On the contrary, a low money supply and high real interest rates are very favorable to the dollars strength. Now that the dollar has the expected support of the interest rate hike cycle, the rally is justified. Support may be to the time of the collapse of these asset markets can not maintain the dollar rally, the dollar may have to continue its downward trend started in 2001 Japans Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Japan Japans Ministry of Finance (ministryoffinance, MOF) is the most active part of the foreign exchange market they are specifically responsible for the yen policy and foreign exchange market intervention work The only difference with other large countries of the Ministry of Finance is that they especially like often in the exchange market to muddle through and, every morning press conference on the price of the yen to start, seriously is a busy man in the foreign exchange market, last year the yen intervention spent 280 billion U.S. dollars, this year spent 180 billion U.S. dollars rich really is not simple this Mo more money many countries have never seen sometimes a day of intervention to spend 15 billion of their most The main purpose is not to want the yen to the yuan rose too much, but the U.S. / Japan 1 yuan of change in relation to a year of 1 billion U.S. dollars between China and Japan to buy a profit just no matter what, this brother is the gods of the foreign exchange market killers to deal with every day The Bank of Japan was originally an agency under the Ministry of Finance four years ago finally turned over as an independent central bank responsible for printing money, interest rate policy, and other Financial issues almost 10 years with zero interest rate policy to deal with the recession of the Japanese economy since 1989 every time the Ministry of Finance decided to intervene in the exchange market, they need the help of the central bank of the central bank itself is the use of 20 or so first selected banks among a few banks to deploy the exchange market intervention some unscrupulous banks use this information to fish in the water from the Japanese central bank know of course to be angry Merrill Lynch is to give The Bank of Japan fired one of the Japans economy after more than a decade of suffering finally seems to have signs of recovery which is likely to be a positive factor for the future trend of the yen The European Central Bank and the European Union Finance Committee ECOFIN, the EU Finance Committee is composed of the finance ministers of each member state they are responsible for the policy on the euro exchange market intervention Also within their scope they each finance minister has veto power European Central Bank, (EuropeanCentralBank, ECB) is only 3 years of history of the very new central bank, but they are also often in the foreign exchange market busy people their governor is the central bank governor of each member state to do in shifts the current governor is French their biggest problem is how to put this more than the countrys Economic problems to take the ECB a stick to solve the problem of each countrys economic situation and problems are different ECB policy is only one, unified implementation in the different circumstances of each member state very difficult action  G-7 G-7 Finance Ministers (Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States) meeting G-7 originally is a Rockefellers idea his idea at that time was to set up a forum for several large industrial countries to communicate with each other and regulate the world economic issues slowly become a club of rich countries sometimes they will exchange rate issues also discussed that depends on the agenda of each meeting for example, the last dubaig-7 when they called on Asian countries to adopt a flexible exchange rate is actually Later, the yen rose from 115 to 105, probably because the U.S. master ordered the Japanese mediocrity to go one step ahead of the relationship to the Secretary Hu demolished their trick is to ask the U.S. experts to come together to study the future of the free float of the yuan is still under study.

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