Foreign exchange basics sixteen questions

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a good trader, Im here to expla bestforexrebate first, the process forexrebatenetwork not a few months or years can be how I provide a few points of the main considerations needed for this process is to learn to learn again, learn to do plan strategy, learn to discipline compliance What is forex rebate control, learn to psychological barrier breakthroughs, read Whatisforexrebate books useful to you 1, how to cultivate a good financial cashback forex Psychological answer: this first of all: serious gambling psychology and character defects are too big for people really not very suitable for their own trading, you can consider looking for a reasonable commission or choose a reasonable job and for the development of a good mentality need to pay attention to the following aspects, the first to develop the habit of making trading plans, and strict implementation and summary of the second novice at least in a year only available within 5% of the amount of money to trade under the position, strictly adhere to Third dont average more than 5 hours a day to see the plate, for newcomers more than 8 hours is more dangerous fourth more learning, especially to find a good mentor, more communication with the fifth love of life, dont take financial transactions as the whole of life sixth correct brave face profit and loss, learn to often reflect on their own behavior 2, how to recommend their own trading system A: trading system things are very complicated, but I can simply say The first system is divided into capital management, risk control, profit control, personnel behavior, the second can try to start with a single currency, the establishment of short-term, medium-term, medium and long-term trading system, divided into signal system, entry and exit system, capital and risk system, profit management system, the third any system must be constantly revised and improved, the system should be strictly enforced, the fourth system of Formation of the system requires at least 3-5 years, the perfection of the time depends on personal perception, the need for patience Fifth system is the essence of the need for talent, no talent, any system is useless 3, the difference between the trend and interval trading, how to trade plan development A: the trend needs to be clearly divided into the main trend and the current trend, then the transaction and the development of the plan is also divided into the main body The plan and the current plan interval refers to the market fluctuations within a certain space within a certain time, there are intervals of large and small, generally interval more than appear in the unilateral or swing market after the specific form combined with the Japanese candlestick chart technology this book, combined with the market K-line to see some of the trading plan in the trend, then you must know what direction of the single main, secondary direction of the single supplement, do not get confused In the trend, then you must know what direction of the single mainly, the secondary direction of the single auxiliary, dont get reversed, so the risk is greater, less chance of winning in the range when the plan is simple, trading back and forth in the range, but pay attention to when the range will end and restart with or turn the trend of the market occurrence of the specific daily trading plan originally gave you a sample of 4, how to judge the establishment and formation of the trend in general A: the establishment of the trend requires several aspects at the same time established, simply put a few points first time period must To the second chart must have a certain reference to the relative highs and lows (called the top or bottom of the phase), the third must refer to a large level of time period to analyze the chart, at least combined with the daily, weekly, monthly, etc., the fourth technical indicators, especially large trend line support and resistance with the fifth large cycle trend line support or resistance trading price is certain to refer to the transaction, once the transaction is successful The sixth need to pay attention to the basis of the countries to confirm, the seventh need to understand the shift in market risk sentiment and the movement of capital flows, so the trend is not a simple thing to judge, you need to integrate the above factors to refer to the judgment, which is the basis of the trend is established 5, how to develop the ability to analyze currency A: It is recommended that newcomers do not focus on too many currencies, focus on a few major The first thing you need to do is to get a good understanding of the currency and the underlying information in the early and late stages. The analysis of the technical side of the chart, you often draw more diagrams, I believe it is good for you, you must pay attention to write a trading plan and evaluate their own plans and analytical power, so that they can improve their analytical power is useful, otherwise not much use, diligent, good records, more correction summary of their own analysis, adhere to the afternoon will be good 6, analysis of what are the common technical indicators, how to use A: technical indicators are too much We want to emphasize the point that regardless of the technical side or the basic side, even if it reaches a higher level, it only accounts for a part of the financial management, more is the psychological mindset and understanding of the capital market in the candlestick chart commonly used technical indicators generally have mean MA, KDJ, RSI, MACD, BOLL, FB and other indicators, as for each indicator specific how to use, this can be their own online Baidu search can find the answer to the limited space here and then reminded that the use of indicators also depends on the time period you use and what you do is short term or medium term, need to be treated differently so to master the use of technical indicators must be more summary 7, what is the underlying, how to analyze and use A: The underlying refers to the entire market in various countries and regions of the economic situation and economic data, and central bank interest and news. The central bank interest and news, as well as regional economic meetings and events, the basis of the response and analysis of the economic development and prospects of each region, so as to determine whether the countrys regional economic situation is favorable to the currency or not, this is more important in the medium-term analysis, so why it is recommended that we must learn to judge the basis, and then reminded that the basis of the analysis and judgment is not a single The, must be linked to other countries and regions to analyze the situation to have a certain analytical value, because now the entire international financial integration, the correlation of the financial industry has, can not look at a market alone suggest that we look at more books on the economic side may be of some help or more attention to the economic news, which is to do investment finance must look and attention to the 8, short term medium and long term how to define the answer. Short-term generally refers to day trading or 1-3 days of trading in and out of the position, of course, super-short term is not recommended to consider, that is very difficult, and energy is also limited medium-term generally refers to the week to calculate the single, and then combined with the beginning of the end of the period to calculate the single, and the medium and long term refers to the main trend to calculate the cycle single, the general time at least In 1 month or more than 3 months, the long term single in this market is not quite suitable to do not explain the advice we must not go to apply time is very rigid, because the need to match the market to set the transaction, especially the short term and medium-term market position more need to test the patience, which few people can reach, too need psychological off the hard, not the general technology or fundamentals can solve the problem 9, stop loss and stop Winning level generally how to set a reasonable point A: loss level and win level is this market we are very concerned about the problem, but few people can grasp so appropriate and comfortable, because the technical and fundamental side did not pass or other factors caused by this can not be rushed, need a long time practice summary can slowly progress of the general loss level we implement the principle of short term 50-120 points range, while the implementation of the medium-term is 80-160 points range, the implementation of the medium and long term is the range of 200 points, in fact, the key still depends on how individuals find a reasonable entry level, then the loss level is very good to set, and no matter what line you are single, as long as the set a very small loss level is sufficient for this general to be located in the support or resistance points outside the winnings target general short term for 80 120-200 points, medium-term generally 300-500-800 points, medium and long term generally more than 1000 points, the long term will not consider the winnings are generally located in the resistance or support points against the inner point reasonable points, so that you can ensure that the target The winnings target is also set up to observe the currency volatility principle, try to be located near the average of the volatility statistics to be safe 10, how to grasp the various trends of the swing market A: trading is about the main, then in the transaction needs to confirm the main trend, which is the main swing trade, such as a wave of the general trend is down, then in doing down the swing need to grasp the key relative to each rebound wave resistance point to block the market, and secondary wave belongs to the rebound market, the rebound market unless the bit grasp is better to take a long position, generally miss the rebound market does not matter, because it is the secondary market, and do not miss the secondary and the main forget, so the loss is not worth it, so the key or need to pay attention to see if you want to grasp the general trend band or grasp the rebound band, and in the general trend is up When the same to distinguish between the main and secondary bands we must pay attention to the main and secondary trading direction is clear, then the main direction of the trading position to account for the majority, do not get reversed, otherwise it is difficult to eventually earn money, but also difficult to overall financial management 11, how to improve their level of trading A: a good trader, I am here to explain, the process is not a few months or years can be how I Provide a few points of the main considerations needed for this process is to learn to learn to learn again, learn to do planning strategies, learn to discipline compliance and control, learn to psychological barrier breakthroughs, read more books useful to them, more operations more summary reflections, more drawings, more information of all kinds, optimistic about all matters optimistic again, more data statistics, must believe in the truth of quantitative change to qualitative change, of course, the premise is the right Of course, the premise is the correct thinking and way, the wrong way of thinking, then bring bad results, this is very important, so why find the right people, choose the right line, do the right thing 12, about the number of transactions A: I remind a word, the more transactions the greater the possibility of error, but we will say that the best not to trade, then it is not called financial management we also said that the real deal is divided into open positions, watch, rest, etc. are part of the The process of money management, the rest on the rest, do not force themselves to trade, this market only earn their own understanding of the market, but also only lose their reasonably acceptable loss we generally recommend that the average number of monthly transactions short and medium together do not exceed 35 times more than a normal and reasonable point, especially for newcomers, we do a relatively long time before you can appropriate large points but strictly forbidden to trade an average of 80 or 100 times a month, so Down has been announced that the financial management will fail and what we have found is that more people in this market exceed these data, so why so many people will have different degrees of loss, so why we often repeatedly stressed that we more from their own stage of financial results to correct their behavior and way of thinking, so that is a good summary of the process and simply only do medium-term trading, then a month is also 10 times within the transaction The number of medium and long-term transactions may be even less, a year is also so dozens of transactions it here again remind newcomers please put your hands as far away from the computer as possible, and then far so far, do not always think about trading, see the K line can not control, or the results have been decided from your beginning 13, how to reasonably go to catch the stage top and bottom A: This is a special course, here to briefly say the first To judge according to the relative high and low points of the previous history second to judge according to the top and bottom of the candlestick pattern third to judge according to the time period fourth to judge according to several key technical indicators whether there will be a reversal of the signal to judge the fifth combined with the current overall financial fundamentals to judge if the above items match the more surface tops and bottoms the greater the possibility, then you can carry out a certain trial operation and for 14. How to reasonably open, close, reduce positions A: reasonable and unreasonable premise to ask yourself, whether there is a reasonable trading plan, no reasonable trading plan, then the issue is empty talk with a trading plan, is to fight a prepared war, at least the chance of winning, risk can be controlled, and no plan things, arbitrary trading, the results are generally not very satisfactory 15, what is to increase positions A: The increase in position refers to the original position based on the addition of a certain position into the greater profit space Note that I am talking about the purpose of greater profit space and I found that many people like to add positions in the loss position to try to amortize the cost (a very dangerous move, an unexpected market also as long as one such market does not turn back, the position as a whole is finished, because this is the wrong on the wrong practice, not good trading habits, and what we need to manage our money is to try to develop good trading habits, long-term wrong habits then the results can be imagined), the premise of the correct position is to have a plan, rather than arbitrarily add positions, we recommend that only in any winning positions to add positions in the action, adding action is generally in the swing operation process, and short term single does not exist to add positions 16, on heavy positions A: We refer to a long position of more than 15% for a long position, more than 30% for a serious long position, more than 50% of the capital position for a super long position long position is the act of gambling, the result is that the gambling downfall is like a persons fist hit out with a lot of force hit very straight, there is no room for maneuvering, the result in case of any accidents will be very vulnerable to injury our discipline is that even if The reason for this is that the company has a lot of money to spend on the market. The know why we carry a single as one of the five spring trading taboos chase after the name is actually arbitrary trading, no plan trading, see up on more see down on the empty, and then often chase to the floor or ceiling, and then also ask us in turn, not a breakthrough, not we often do breakthrough trading, indeed yes, we have a breakthrough trading system, but with everyone arbitrary Trading chasing up and down is a completely different thing, not a concept so chasing up and down we also listed as one of the five trading taboos, I hope you do not go to commit these trading taboos, the harm is not to say

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