Foreign exchange account points of attention and basic requirements

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Foreign bestforexrebate What is forex rebate refers to domestic Whatisforexrebatestitutions, institutions in China, individuals in accordance with the relevant account management regulations in the approved to operate cashback forex exchange deposit business in banks forexrebatenetwork non-bank financial institutions to open accounts in freely convertible currencies A. It should be noted that before going to the Foreign Exchange Bureau for approval, the account holder needs to clarify two things: 1, first determine the size of the bank to open a bank in general, in International credit rating is relatively high, in foreign accounts line, agency line, for settlement, security and other business is more convenient, settlement speed is also fast; smaller banks tend to be more favorable costs, access to financing is also easier, so the need to open a business shall be a detailed understanding of the situation of each bank, to weigh and compare, combined with their own actual situation to choose In addition, the bank will be in how to go to the Foreign Exchange Bureau In addition, banks will give some practical guidance on how to go to the foreign exchange bureau for account opening approval procedures, some banks can even work on behalf of the enterprise, sending professionals to do all the account opening procedures 2, to make things clear is to figure out which account they need to open our country is the implementation of the current account of foreign exchange can be freely convertible foreign exchange policy, so the foreign exchange account to the different sources of funds to be distinguished, the current account The foreign exchange income under the current account is put into the settlement account, and the foreign exchange income under the capital account is put into the capital account The so-called capital account refers to investment, borrowing, issuing stocks and other capital funds transfer and the capital account corresponds to the current account, which refers to trade, labor, unilateral transfer, etc. If an enterprise absorbs foreign investment or borrows from abroad, or issues stocks abroad, it needs to open a capital account or a special account for stocks If there is export revenue, overseas contracting revenue, repair revenue, accepting donations, etc., it is necessary to open a settlement account, Second, the basic requirements of the foreign exchange account audit materials 1, if you need to open a foreign exchange account, the application for opening an account should be an official letter, must be stamped with the official seal of the unit, the application is clear, the application for opening an account must specify the source of foreign exchange funds, the use of the situation, the bank, the currency of the account, such as Special account also need to explain the project and the relevant circumstances and account opening period, as well as other materials required by the Foreign Exchange Bureau; 2, to open an account with the original of the relevant materials required by the Foreign Exchange Bureau and copies thereof; 3, the unit receiving the donation or assistance must be domestic civil society organizations, research institutes, universities and colleges and other domestic institutions, and according to the provisions of the donation or assistance agreement will be used to pay the donation abroad 4, if it does not meet the above requirements, all returned, not for review

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