Flexible use of the KDJ indicator

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  investors generally know its golden forexrebatenetwork bestforexrebate dead fork, also know that the next 20 What is forex rebate oversold, on 80 is overbought, 50 is the watershed of strength and weakness here, we emphasize that the prudent investor cashback forex consider buying at 20 or below the golden fork, however, in general, it may rise to 50 when the rise is limited, and for the aggressive investor, should be above 50 Golden fork when buying, may be the same up 30 absolute number, but the rate of increase is exponential The next leads to a problem, in more than 1,000 stocks how to quickly select whether it is about 20, or 50 or so, and the formation of a golden fork of the stock, and the dead fork or on more than 80 risky stocks excluded, or even just choose a golden fork, in the golden fork point to buy, do short, That is good at using the Whatisforexrebate indicator investors want to do what we have done an interesting test, will all listed companies 3 years of KDJ where the gold fork do buy, where the dead fork do sell, even if often buy high, sell low, but the maximum increase is still more than 30 times the stock dragon software for you to set up this stock selection platform, you can feel free to take the value of K, D and J, respectively, to find whether the formation of a golden fork, or even whether it is The KDJ indicator, other major technical indicators can be self-selected and self-set, the KDJ cited here is just hanging a leak to prevent the main force to do cheat line indicator is: 120 minutes KDJ KDJ indicator is one of the classic indicators, some friends will certainly say that this indicator is often done to cheat line, yes, you are right, often by the main force to do cheat line not only the KDJ and MACD, and the main chart of the K-line, etc...  So, how can the KDJ prevent the main force to do cheat lines?  We set the 120-minute period on the stock software (this analysis period can be set by many ordinary software, for example: Flush, etc.) can be prevented from being used by the main force because the KDJ is often used in the 60-minute or daily, (article by the collection of the stock of China organized) and 120 minutes is not commonly used, it can be said that few people use it because of the few people, only to have its power!  The 120-minute KDJ is a good indicator for short term buying: especially its J value to find the low point is more accurate Like to do short term friends, you can set the 120-minute cycle to experience the experience

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