Five fatal factors for newcomers to speculation in foreign exchange

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Newcomers What is forex rebate just contact with Whatisforexrebate forexrebatenetwork, because of the foreign exchange market is bestforexrebate particularly familiar with, often make some mistakes, so for investors, what are the common mistakes? Investors only understand these issues, in order to carry out foreign exchange trading to avoid the loss of these mistakes First, blind trading novice foreign exchange operations in speculation generally will make this mistake, always feel that they cashback forex not trade is not a real speculator, do not do the relevant technical analysis and do not look at the analysts analysis on the blind investment, the results are hard to escape the fate of the set Second, insatiable greed Many people have their own little smart, in the discovery of a profitable method, without verification, constantly use, in fact, the foreign exchange market is full of uncertainties, only rely on a skill and method can not control the foreign exchange market Third, rely on fluke and luck many people in foreign exchange trading rely on luck, many people do not set a stop loss, loss of many points of the stop loss out of the opportunity are Did not grasp, the vassal is set deeper and deeper Fourth, the psychology of fear many people in the speculation of foreign exchange can not afford to fail, after the loss of the transaction has produced a fear of fear of the psychology, and in the end even began not to believe in themselves, miss a lot of good opportunities Fifth, thought but did not do this is also a newcomer to foreign exchange in the speculation of foreign exchange operations often encountered, why many people in the simulation of the transaction can always succeed, but In the actual operation but did not do it? It is because of the simulation trading, think about it can do, and the actual operation of the time really can not do, wait until the time to do, the opportunity has been missed Foreign exchange novice in the speculation of foreign exchange will make many mistakes, but we need to analyze the lessons from these mistakes, sum up the experience, to avoid falling in the same place twice, to reduce which can avoid the occurrence of errors  

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