Factors affecting the dollar exchange rate today

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Foreign bestforexrebate transactions, the forexrebatenetwork is a very important currency dollar exchange What is forex rebate factors are the Federal Reserve policy, bond factors (including long-term cashback forex.S. Treasury bonds Whatisforexrebate short-term Treasury bonds), Treasury factors, stock indices, the European dollar and other factors 1, the Federal Reserve policy Federal Reserve, that is, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), the U.S. central bank, completely independent of the formulation of monetary policy Fed main policy indicators include: open market operations, discount rate (DiscountRate), the federal funds rate (FedFundsrate) Federal funds rate: the most important interest rate indicators, but also savings institutions to lend to each other overnight loan rate discount rate: commercial banks apply to the Fed for loans due to reserves and other emergencies, the Fed charged interest rates 2. Bond factors affect the dollar exchange rate bond factors are 30-year Treasury bills and 10-year short-term Treasury bills there is no clear link between long-term bonds and the dollar exchange rate, however, there will generally be the following link: because of the decline in bond prices due to consideration of inflation, that is, rising yields, may put the dollar under pressure the difference in yields between bonds will affect the exchange rate if the dollar asset yields are high, the exchange Push up the dollar exchange rate 3, the Treasury Department factors the U.S. Treasury Department is responsible for issuing government bonds, the development of the fiscal budget Treasury Department has no say in monetary policy, but its comments on the U.S. dollar may have a greater impact on the U.S. dollar exchange rate 4, stock indices affect the dollar exchange rate of three stock indices, namely: the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Standard & Poors 500 index and the NASDAQ index which, the Dow Jones Industrial Index has the greatest impact on the dollar exchange rate since the mid-1990s, the Dow Jones Industrial Index and the dollar exchange rate has a great positive correlation (because of foreign investors to buy U.S. assets) 5, the European dollar affects the dollar exchange rate of two kinds of European dollars, respectively, the March Eurodollar deposits and March Eurodollar futures contracts Eurodollar is the dollar deposits deposited in foreign banks in the United States The difference in interest rates on such deposits can be used as a valuable benchmark for assessing foreign exchange rates For example, in the case of USD/JPY, when the positive difference between Eurodollar and European yen deposits, the larger the difference, the more likely the exchange rate of USD/JPY will be supported The March Eurodollar futures contract and the March Eurodollar futures contract interest rate differential is the basic change that determines the future movement of USD/JPY 6, other Factors other factors affecting the U.S. dollar exchange rate are cross rates, federal funds rate futures contracts and U.S. economic data the rise and fall of the cross will affect the U.S. dollar exchange rate the value of the federal funds rate futures contract shows the markets expectations of the federal funds rate (and the contracts expiration date), is the most direct measure of the Federal Reserves policy the most important economic data released by the United States include: labor force reports ( payrolls, unemployment and average hourly earnings), CPI (Consumer Price Index), PPI, GDP, industrial production, housing starts, housing permits and consumer confidence

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