Export collection risk

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What is What is forex rebate collection bestforexrebate Export collection risk refers to the possibility that after a country exports its own products, it fails to collect the correspond Whatisforexrebateg currency, including local forexrebatenetwork cashback forex currency, according to the contract amount, thus leading to the loss of foreign claims. The general risk includes market risk, credit risk, operational risk, environmental risk and policy risk, while the special risk is generally mainly due to export evasion (a) general risk 1. market risk, refers to the change of commodity prices in the international market, so that exporters can not collect foreign exchange or can not collect the full amount of foreign exchange, such as China Minmetals Dalian Trading Co. The price of ferromolybdenum in the international market has continued to fall, from USD10.5/kg to USD6.1/kg, and now it cannot be sold, and the goods can only be stored in the warehouse in Rotterdam, expecting the price to rise again. 2. Credit risk refers to the risk of receiving foreign exchange if the counterparty does not fulfill or fully fulfill the settlement agreement, which includes commercial credit risk and bank credit risk. On the one hand, with the expansion of global trade volume, a large number of small and medium-sized trading companies have emerged, and a considerable part of Chinas exports are realized by these companies, which have uneven strength and mixed credit, and fraud cases occur from time to time; on the other hand, at present, China lacks effective channels to investigate the creditworthiness of customers. According to some export enterprises, mainly through agents and insurance companies to investigate the creditworthiness of customers, the channel is relatively single to the creditworthiness of customers in developed countries is more reliable, the creditworthiness of customers in developing countries is more difficult to investigate, the credibility is also lower 3. operation risk, refers to the export enterprises or the relevant banks in the export business, due to operational errors resulting in export collection For example, some enterprises are eager to export, paralyzed, accommodating the customers demanding requirements, using inappropriate settlement methods Some exporters and bank managers are not skilled in business, the quality of the goods, the letter of credit under the discrepancies and other issues such as August 1999, a company submitted a full set of documents under the letter of credit to Bank A, the amount of 68,000 U.S. dollars Bank A review, the documents match, and The set of documents is sent to the issuing bank for remittance. Soon, the issuing bank telex notification A bank documents do not match: the bill of lading does not have the letter of credit number, the documents are therefore rejected after investigation, the issuing bank refused to pay because of an enterprise to produce documents of low quality and A bank is not strict examination of the documents caused by 4. environmental risk, refers to the international trade environment is unfavorable to the exporters changes, such as exchange rate fluctuations or natural disasters, war and other force majeure caused by the risk of export collection for example, Liaoning Province, the light industrial products import and export company in 1998. In May 1998, the light industrial products import and export company exported 130,000 U.S. dollars worth of telephone spare parts to Russia, firstly, the ship carrying the goods exploded, and the container was delayed for two months before it reached the destination port. The main reason for the intensification of exchange rate risk among the environmental risks is that the financial environment on which international trade depends has deteriorated in recent years, the old international financial system cannot adapt to the development needs of economic globalization, the new international financial system has not yet been established, the frequent and malicious flow of huge amounts of short-term capital has caused serious impact on the currencies of some countries, the currency has depreciated significantly, the financial crisis broke out, and our export enterprises have suffered large losses as a result. Policy risk refers to the risk of export collection due to deviations in the formulation and implementation of export policies, such as some local and departmental one-sided emphasis on export targets, making some enterprises "export-oriented, light on the collection of foreign exchange", in order to complete the export task, ignore the quality of export products, and even do illegal agency business, to Export collection brings potential risks Foreign enterprises mainly bear the general risk, while the country is to bear the general risk on the basis of the country will also bear the special risk (II) special risk Special risk mainly refers to the export of foreign exchange evasion export evasion is to evade the state supervision of export collection, unauthorized foreign exchange receivable at home and abroad to intercept the behavior of export evasion of foreign exchange is: 1. 2. a few foreign-invested enterprises, in order to draw back capital, when the products are exported, unauthorized to retain the export money abroad 3. a few export enterprises illegal speculation in foreign exchange for profit Some enterprises will export money in foreign exchange speculation for profit; some will remit foreign exchange to non-export accounts, or remit to personal foreign exchange accounts, waiting for the opportunity to sell on the black market in foreign exchange; some intercept the export 4. individual foreign-related business personnel enrich themselves by instructing foreign customers to remit export payments to foreign or domestic personal accounts. The main means of export evasion are: 1. Part of the interception of foreign; some will be excess foreign exchange used to write off some can not be written off the write-off 3. forgery of the special export receipt and write-off 4. false export receipt and write-off lost export collection risk prevention and countermeasures Export enterprises and banks to enhance risk prevention awareness, and take effective measures to avoid the risk of export collection specifically, the main attention should be paid to the following: (a) the use of WTO provisions export enterprises should Strengthen the study of WTO rules, carefully analyze the impact of WTO on the export collection of the enterprise, study how to use WTO rules to expand exports, solve trade disputes, reduce the risk of export collection, and safeguard the rights and interests of enterprises (b) strengthen the internal export collection risk management Establish internal export collection risk management assessment, control mechanism, develop pre, during and post risk control plan contracts Before signing the contract, we should strengthen the credit investigation of customers, do a good job of customer credit assessment, and develop contingency measures for export collection risk; in the performance of the contract, we should conscientiously perform, ensure the quality of export products, and properly develop documents for claiming foreign exchange; after the performance of the contract, we should actively collect foreign exchange, and if there is a risk of export collection, we should immediately take contingency measures for export collection risk (C) Strengthen international market research In-depth study of commodity supply and demand conditions and (D) reduce operational risks 1. to engage in international trade activities in accordance with internationally recognized trade rules 2. to adopt a reasonable settlement generally in the letter of credit, collection, from the three types of documents sent in the settlement, the credit rating in descending order, so enterprises generally tend to use the letter of credit settlement but, in the current international trade settlement system, L / C The use rate of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Center statistics in 1996, the use rate of L / C has been reduced to 18% Therefore, the use of reasonable settlement should be based on the laws and requirements of the development of international trade, the use of appropriate settlement of good reputation of old customers, T / T settlement, it is simple, fast, low cost; for the newly opened market and new customers, in the absence of a good understanding of each other If L/C settlement cannot be used, exporters should apply for export credit insurance or factoring business to ensure safe collection of foreign exchange (e) Pay close attention to the exchange rates of major world currencies and changes in the political, economic and financial situation of trading partner countries Take mature risk-averse means to avoid foreign exchange risk, political risk and other environmental export collection risks, such as choosing Favorable settlement currency, spot foreign exchange transactions, forward foreign exchange transactions, options transactions, for export credit insurance, etc. (F) strengthen self-discipline, law-abiding operation To sell according to the minimum price set by industry associations, strictly prohibit low-priced dumping, buying and selling export licenses and other disruptive export market behavior on the other hand, consciously abide by the national foreign exchange management regulations, take effective measures to collect foreign exchange in a timely manner, consciously resist export Evasion of foreign exchange

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