Exchange market manipulation three systems

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A, the f forexrebatenetworkm of the system: 1, K-l What is forex rebatee pattern, 2 wave pattern Two, resistance support system: 1, the average resistance support, 2 golden mean 3, trend line Three, indicator system: 1, KDJ, 2, MACD, 3, RSI When the three systems two or three have a sell or buy signal on action!  Foreign exchange spot short-term trading strategy A, short selling A, foreign exchange prices at high levels to form a 2B position to open a position in the fall Whatisforexrebate bestforexrebate the previous high near the stop loss placed near the new high +5 points, plus the principle of effective 2B formation stop loss is also located near the new high B, MACD red column gradually shrink, the best straight column divergence or top divergence KDJ in the new high near the emergence of continuous top divergence with signs of dead fork or about to dead fork RSI indicators Top divergence is obvious W%R indicator near the O-line (the above indicators to 30 minutes and 60 minutes as an important reference basis, position selection 5 minutes and 15 minutes of the above situation to take action) C, the pattern corresponds to: K-line chart stagnation formed a longer upper shadow or longer upper shadow cross hammerhead and double hammerhead, as well as the yin package Yin, the 5 line from the steep rise to a gentle approach to the 10 line after gradually Evolution for the V-shaped top, M-head, head and shoulders, round top pattern, hit the top line can continue to put short, stop loss should be placed in the above head plus 5 points of the position, in case the exchange rate counter-row D, direction to establish: the trend change 123 law, the three-day rule, the law of the gap General remarks: in strict accordance with the above principles, appropriate reference to SAR indicators, but pay attention to short-term trends, medium-term trends are consistent if the direction of the opposite, short selling shall cautiously, especially when the exchange rate fell in the average of the 60-minute 55-hour line pay close attention to the direction of the exchange rate if slightly below or below, cashback forex far down, there is a bottom pattern in this position, technical indicators to adjust to the low level to immediately stop shorting, in the process of shorting, for the setting of the stop-loss should be dynamic control such as a large profit, the first stop-loss level should be located at the cost, the second stop-loss level should be located at a certain The third stop-loss position should be located in the target position maximum stop earn Second, buy A. The exchange rate in the low formation 2B, position established in the fall below the previous low and back up to the previous low near the stop loss placed in the latest low near plus 5 points at the markup principle is 2B effectively formed beyond the previous low, the stop loss is also located near the new low B. Indicators corresponding to: 1. or top divergence 2. KDJ in the new low near the continuous bottom divergence, there are signs of gold fork, or has formed a gold fork 3. RSI indicator in the new low, bottom divergence is obvious 4. W% R indicator repeatedly touched 100 (the above indicators to 30 minutes or 60 minutes as an important reference, open positions to choose to take action in the 5 minutes or 15 minutes of the low) Second, good traders will wait for the highest chance of winning the lowest risk The opportunity, that is, the risk / reward = 1:3 or more opportunities, patience is a necessary quality of an excellent trader Third, can not be forced to trade no opportunity or emotions can not establish a position, the key to the game of trading is to continue to find the opportunity to win the first position must be opened on the opportunity to win high, rather than high risk and low return on the point Fourth, constantly reflect and reassess their own mental performance constantly improve V. The initial loss is often the smallest loss, you can not let the situation continue to deteriorate, without taking any protective measures VI. 1, each transaction must set the entry and exit target price, risk / reward = 1:1 or more 2, the use of strong willpower 3, let someone monitor your transactions VII. The key to judging success or failure is to strictly comply with the investment theory, do not follow the results of profit and loss to define success or failure Trading Code I. Trading according to the plan and strictly comply with the plan II. Trading requires patience, no obvious opportunities can not be reluctant to enter the transaction Six, quickly admit losses, so that the development of profitable positions continue Seven, can not let profitable positions into losses Eight, buy in the weak, sell in the strong Nine, can not be amortized losses, loss positions can not be increased Ten, rapid price changes, do not establish positions Eleven, to pay attention to review their own mistakes, loss-making transactions may not represent a mistake, mistakes may not lead to 12, must keep a record of transactions used to constantly reflect on the summary 123 guidelines for determining trend movements a. The trend line must be broken, the price must cross the drawn trend line b. The uptrend does not make a new high or downtrend no longer make a new low c. In the downtrend price up through the previous short-term rally high or in the uptrend price down through the previous short-term retracement of the low 2B guidelines a. In the uptrend, if the price has been uptrend, if the price has crossed the previous high price failed to continue to rise, and later fell the previous high, the trend may be reversed; ii. in the downtrend, if the price fell below the previous low, failed to continue to make new lows, and later rose back above the previous low, the trend may be reversed

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