Common mistakes of beginners using MT4 client

Whatisforexrebate 4Browse 0Comments Collection bestforexrebate forexrebatenetwork d What is forex rebateplayed on my term cashback forexal is wrong How can Whatisforexrebate set the time so that the terminal time is the same as the time on my computer? The time displayed on the terminal is set when the last quote enters the clients trading server within the client is also the last available server time In the MQL4 program, the time can be obtained by using the TimeCurrent() function The server time on the client does not change The time on the server can only be modified through the brokerage company When I tested the same smart Why do I get different results when I test the same trade on different computers? The test results depend on the algorithm of the smart trading strategy (are you using High, Low or Closeprices of the current bar? Does the price of each tick change?) Print() function does not show all information in the logbook Why is this? The terminal’s‘smart trading’s window places the same information in the‘smart trading’s column When there is too much information, the terminal in‘smart trading’s column is not able to display all the information, it saves the information and space according to the command If necessary, you can use the Print() function to log into the client terminals the/ After refreshing (restarting) the client terminal, some currency pair names are still displayed in the ‘Market Watch’ window What is the problem? You should select the Show all pair names command from the menu of the ‘Market Watch’ window I cant remove currency pairs from the ‘Market Watch’ window Why? There are several possible reasons why a currency pair cannot be deleted from the ‘Market Watch’window: the chart of the pair is open; the terminal is not refreshed after the chart of the pair is closed; there is an open position in the pair When testing a trading strategy on a preset time period, the test notification has no data in the chart through the bars How should I solve this problem? Try to load more historical data If you use the test dates (start time - date 1, end time - date 2), you need to load about 100 bars in the given time period When I try to enter historical data, there is no response Why is this? The historical data must be in the following format: YYYY.MM.DDHH:MMOHLCVYYYY-MM-DDHH:MMOHLCVYYYY/MM/DDHH:MMOHLCVDD.MM.YYYYHH:MMOHLCVDD-MM-YYYYHH:MMOHLCVDD/MM/YYYYHH: MMOHLCVYYYY.MM.DD,HH:MMOHLCVYYYY-MM-DD,HH:MMOHLCVYYYY/MM/DD,HH:MMOHLCVDD.MM.YYYY,HH:MMOHLCVDD-MM-YYYY,HH:MMOHLCVDD/MM/YYYY,HH: MMOHLCV Some brokers allow 1:100 ratio but the client terminal is not allowed when trying to open a new account You should download the client terminal from the brokerage company that made the client and then open an account Within my client, the 4 hour chart of the base currency pair is getting 600KB of trades entered in 10 minutes! This is the initial scrolling of the history The problem is that the scrolling of each bar is thousands in the future when running, for the same account on the same server, the trades will have very little scrolling of the history For long periods of time it is necessary to move the bar or order number with the mouse cursor When the cursor is close to the closing price, the window pops up You can browse the Fibonacci arc in the ‘Data window’ need data What should I do to show a straight line? The ratio can be adjusted according to the price The default value is set to 1 point, but this is not sufficient for charts with a time period of days and months so you need to change the ratio I recently opened a demo account today and the program notified me that it was ‘invalid account’ Why is this? In this case you can open a new demo account when the news is opened without any news content text Why? Only the subject of the news can be transferred to the demo account In a real trade, I try to open a new order and the program notifies ‘price change’ what does this mean? The problem is that with a real account, you have only 7 seconds to confirm a trade (including getting a reply and getting a quote) and if your connection status is bad, you may have a timeout. If the price changes and your broker rejects it, you will also get the message ‘Price changed’ When I try to open a position, there is ‘insufficient funds’ Why is this? Why does the New Order Request return to Market Closed? Most likely you are trying to open a position at a time when trading is not open outside the rest

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