Bollinger Bands indicator and the use of

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  Bollinger B bestforexrebates indicator (BOLL) Whatisforexrebate calculated by the standard deviation of the stock forexrebatenetwork, and then the stock price of the trust interval The indicator draws three lines on the graph, of which the upper and lower two lines can be seen as the pressure line and support line, respectively, and between the two lines there is an average of the stock price Generally speaking, the stock price cashback forex run in the pressure line and support line formed by In the application of this indicator, the focus is on the movement of the fluctuation band and the index or stock price crossing of the fluctuation band In general, when the fluctuation band of the Bollinger Bands is moving horizontally, it can be considered that the current trend is mainly sideways, which belongs to the normal range In this case, when the stock price crosses the upper rail upward, it will form a short-term retracement, which can be seen as a short-term sell signal; the stock price crosses the lower rail, will form a short-term rebound, this is a short term buy time but the stock index or stock prices after a period of horizontal operation, the Bollinger fluctuation zone narrowing signs, that is, the upper rail and lower rail close to each other, it is said that the change will begin to occur at this time, if the stock price crosses the upper rail in succession, that the stock price will run in the upward direction; and when the stock price crosses the lower rail in succession, that the stock price will run in the downward direction  The use of Bollinger Bands indicator stock selection is mainly to observe the size of the Bollinger Bands indicator opening, the opening of those stocks gradually become smaller should pay more attention to the Bollinger Bands indicator opening gradually become smaller on behalf of the stock price of the degree of increase or decrease gradually become smaller, the strength of both sides tend to be the same, the stock price will choose the direction of the breakthrough, and the smaller the opening, the greater the strength of the stock price breakthrough  Use: The indicator uses The band shows its safe high and low prices of shares wandering in the upper and lower limits of the band interval, when the stock price increases, the band area will become wider, up and down when narrow, the band area will become narrower  Usage:   1. up through the upper limit, will form a short-term back, for the short term sell time  2. down through the lower limit of the stock price, will When the Bollinger band is moving in a horizontal direction, it can be considered to be in the normal range, at this time, the use of 1, 2 two methods of use, the reliability is quite high if, when the band moves towards the upper right or lower right, it is out of the norm, in addition to the existence of special significance 4. when the band becomes narrower, intense price fluctuations may arise at any time .

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