BIAS insight into the stock market

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  up more to fall, down more to r forexrebatenetworke, cashback forex is the basic law of stock What is forex rebate operation, bestforexrebate this law is directly reflected in the Whatisforexrebate (deviation rate indicator) on the use of this indicator, to grasp the highs and lows of stock price fluctuations near the turn has a very good reference significance and, the use of very simple, sometimes the stock price fluctuations can be understood at a glance, It is a simple, real and practical indicator that does not require many tools and theories. BIAS, in fact, is a reference to the stock price and the reference moving average. The simplified calculation method can also be: (the days closing price / 5-day moving average - 1) 100. For the broader market, the 5-day BIAS reached -5 below, resolutely low absorption; 5-day BIAS reached -8, resolutely buy in history, whenever the broader market appears low volume plunge, is often an important moment of market turnaround at this time, investors should closely observe those who are the first to start rebounding The varieties of these varieties may be the first to enter the position of the new main force.  On the contrary, when the 5 day BIAS reaches +5 or more, you should pay out on the high, and when the 5 day BIAS is +8 or more, investors should calmly avoid, because even if the market, then the 5 day BIAS shows that the market still has the possibility of pullback, so although to lose some commission, but for maintaining a good state of mind or beneficial once the 5.19 market as a strong forced short market It is worth noting that in the different stages of the market operation, the above techniques are taken differently according to my understanding, the following three stages of operation for your reference: The first stage: when the market is in the initial stage of the decline, the 5 day BIAS has a large negative deviation value, and is not the time to build a large position on the contrary, this is a good opportunity to choose the field, such as The SSE Composite Index from 2245 points down from the historical high at the beginning, there was a 5 day BIAS -5 situation, at this time if investors enter the market, obviously unwise here is a small skill can be referred to, that is, investors can be based on the status of the 30-day average, to distinguish whether the market is in the initial decline, or at the end of the decline when the market rushed up after the 30-day average high turn, that the market Generally in the early stage of the decline, at this time, investors should avoid, reduce the amount of positions even if the 5 day BIAS a more obvious negative deviation rate, which actually provides investors with a more ideal time to leave the field The second stage: when the market is still in the downward channel, the 5 day BIAS a large negative deviation value, investors should still not buy this time, the 30-day average is generally in a steep downward situation, indicates that the market vitality has not yet recovered, investors should still look at the third stage: when the market fell for a period of time, and the 30-day average from the steep downward, to the slow down and gradually began to horizontal finishing, when the stock index single-day plunge is also an opportunity to start coming generally, the market in a year there are always so one or two opportunities to grasp these opportunities, the heart is not greedy, then the return is also can be satisfied

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