4 films expose the real side of the financial industry

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In general, Hollywood does not seem to have a friendly impression of the f cashback forexexrebatenetwork world from the bestforexrebate "The Wolf of Wall Street" to "American Psycho" or Michael Douglas as the cold Gordon Gekko in "Wall Street", films What Whatisforexrebate forex rebate characters depict financial experts as ruthless sociopathic personalities Writers have a simple script for financial films in their hands. Movie audiences feel a combination of wealthy, exploitative nature of the financiers, psychologically prone to hostility these films are particularly popular when the financial markets suffer a crisis or crash for example, "Wall Street" was released weeks after the 1987 Black Monday in financial history However, from time to time, Hollywood will still give some face to the financial industry, some films do restore the real financial markets Face 1. "Storm of Interest" MarginCall (2011)  JimCramer said on his show MadMoney that he was blown away the first time he saw "Storm of Interest" because he couldnt believe the movie could be made so realistic "Storm of Interest" is an independent film starring Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons and Demi On the surface, "Storm of Interest" and other financial film series are about greed and risk, but the subject of the film is a more educational and sensible, rather than emotional approach to tell the director JC Shandor will have suffered the 2007 to 2008 financial crisis staff human side of the show, but also let people see the securities The industry is no different from any other type of business in his film, there is no obvious oppression and exploitation of investors or clients such common themes However, money still makes people throw it away or be squandered at will, lose their jobs, and have their lives turned upside down The film also depicts the difficult decisions that have to be made in business, and how new opportunities will emerge after the market eases The New York Futures Exchange ThePit (2010)  The New York Futures Exchange is actually a four-year long documentary that follows the life of a floor trader at the New York Futures Exchange The film exposes the chaotic nature of open outcry trading, though this kind of trading has now disappeared from viewers who may not be able to get a lot from This documentary will probably not give the viewer much knowledge of the financial industry, but as a film that reflects the chaotic and high-risk nature of the trading world, it is still worth watching 3. BoilerRoom (2000) The film depicts the sales work of the financial industry, and it tries to make some of the less glamorous parts look less ugly, but BoilerRoom still reveals the actual lives of millions of young, driven financial professionals Giovanni Ribisi and Van Diesel take the lead roles in this film about a young, ambitious stockbroker The films protagonist continues to learn sales techniques, takes the American Broker Series 7 license exam, and makes countless sales calls every afternoon to sell stock Unlike many other financial films, "Boiler Room" chose to be the perspective and story of the bottom of the company staff, rather than the top of the company Anyone who has ever experienced the novice sales stage can feel the same great pressure as the films protagonist selling financial products is not easy, and sometimes encounter the choice against their will However, the film is still very clear proof of the work without conscience can UpinTheAir (2009)  This film appears here mainly because it contains two familiar themes in the financial industry: business travel and unemployment The films numerous elements make it more of a comedy, with George Clooneys Ryan Bingham slowly learning to let go of his cold and But the movie still reflects reality everywhere Ryan Bingham is a professional corporate downsizing expert whose job is to fly around the world to lay off people for companies whose owners cant or wont do it themselves Binghams job just reflects a key market principle: what others dont do is what makes the service worthwhile Part of the movies very explosive scenes are real, because at the time of filming, it appeared that some of the characters were real company employees and that they did believe they were losing their jobs many workers in the financial industry are required to travel constantly for business, and the character played by George Clooney is allegedly home only 40 days a year If the work-life imbalance of those working in a particular industry was suffering a similar imbalance, many people would Think of this one "In the Clouds

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