Infor Expense Management

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Infor XM is an integrated expense management solution that helps businesses monitor employee travel expenses and manage the entire travel experience. This includes pre-trip planning, automated post-trip reimbursement, and management reports. It can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. The solution has four core applications, including Timesheets, Travel Plans, Payment Requests, and Expense Reports. Each can be used individually or in combination. These applications help reduce the risk of fraud, and improve compliance with company spending policies. They are built for mobile use, with a native camera and camera roll for reporting and editing.

Infor XM offers users a streamlined and efficient process for all phases of expense reporting. It helps companies to control employee spending, make better approval decisions, and ensure a streamlined T&E spend. Additionally, it gives employees more visibility into their expenditures, which can reduce the risk of errors.

Among the features that set Infor Expense Management apart from its competitors are the ability to integrate with financial management software and other Infor products, as well as other enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Moreover, the solution has received SAS 70 certification, which is considered a requirement for compliance.

Using Infor XM"s advanced time tracking capabilities, employers can accurately report on hours and costs. Furthermore, they can create reports for their clients, automate time billing, and fight intentional fraud. Users can also identify domestic and foreign VAT, and reclaim higher amounts of these taxes. If a user makes an error, he or she can correct it, and the system will alert the employee.

Infor XM also has a mobile application that makes it easy to capture and track data on the go. With a camera roll and a native camera, employees can take photos and submit receipts for payment. When approved, these transactions are automatically processed. Infor XM can be installed in the cloud or on-premises.

Companies that utilize Infor Expense Management have seen increased compliance, fewer policy violations, and reduced administrative costs. They have found that it is simple and efficient to use, as well as flexible, which allows for the integration of new processes to meet business needs.

Infor Expense Management"s streamlined process makes it easier for managers to approve expenses and streamlines the approval process. It can help to reduce the cost of administrative tasks such as travel policy enforcement, capturing and approving timesheets, and ensuring that employees are complying with company spending policies. By automating these processes, Infor Expense Management eliminates the need for employees to make paper receipts and manually enter data.

As a result, Infor Expense Management is one of the most flexible and configurable solutions for companies that want to increase their financial compliance, and lower the risk of fraudulent activity. It is available in both cloud and on-premises versions, which provide the best level of security and privacy. Whether you need to manage the expenses of thousands of travelers or just a few, Infor Expense Management can do it for you.

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