Sirius XM Customer Service Phone Number

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The Sirius XM customer service phone number is available Monday to Friday, eight AM to eight PM Eastern Time. This telephone number is available to consumers who have questions or problems with their Sirius XM subscriptions. It is important to note that Sirius XM cannot be held responsible for incompatibility with third-party devices. However, it may be able to help you find a workaround.

Many consumers who are dissatisfied with the service offered by Sirius XM have complained about the company"s customer service. Some customers have argued that the company"s representatives are rude, unresponsive and do not follow through with their promises. They also claim that the company does not listen to their complaints and that they are often billed for services they did not receive.

In addition to customer support, the company offers a service called the SiriusXM Guardian. This system connects drivers to emergency services in their local area. If their airbags deploy, the SiriusXM Guardian will alert the emergency service, providing the emergency crew with the location and any pertinent information. Other services provided by Sirius XM include bill statements, order confirmations and screen shots of any technical issues. To access the SiriusXM radio, customers must enter their VIN number or ESN. Occasionally, the radio loses a complete signal, and in these cases, users need to re-log in.

The Sirius XM customer service line will be able to address the most common consumer issues. Customers can use the website to fill out a web-based form and submit their issues, or they can contact their car dealership. One of the most common complaints about the Sirius XM customer service line is long wait times. You can also check out the company"s Unresolved Issues page.

Whether you have a question about your billing, need to fix a technical problem, or need assistance with an installation, the Sirius XM customer service phone number can help. The company has also agreed to make it easier for consumers to cancel their subscriptions. Moreover, the company has agreed to provide advance notice of automatic renewals and more clearly disclose its terms at the time of purchase.

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